Refund policy

Our product being a food supplement which can be assimilated to the category of foodstuffs, we cannot take back the product once delivered.

If proof of delivery is provided to us by our delivery providers, it will be impossible for us to refund your order if you have not received the package. The company disclaims all external facts that may result in the non-receipt of the package by the customer (theft from the letterbox, receipt by a third party, etc.).

In the event of unavailability of an ordered product, the customer will be informed by any means. After contacting our customer service, he can inform the company if he wishes the resolution and the reimbursement of his order which will occur at the latest within 14 days, or of his acceptance to wait for the restocking of the product and to maintain its order which will be shipped as soon as possible. In the latter case, the customer may request a refund of his order at any time as long as he has not received confirmation of the shipment of his order by the company LundiGo.

If the customer has not been able to collect their package, it will be returned to us. For packages intended for countries other than France, the products will be returned to stock and the customer will be immediately reimbursed for the entirety of their order.